This and other Presbyterian USA  Churches believe in a God of grace and forgiveness.  We confess that we are unable, on our own, to practice the unconditional love demonstrated by Jesus Christ, but we pray and desire that He empower us to demonstrate His love to you and those around us.  Here, you can voice your doubts and ask questions about the Bible. We believe that God daily reforms our  faith and understanding through prayer, scripture, education, and the support of other Christians.

In practice, we observe two sacraments:  The Lord’s Supper (Communion) and baptism.  In baptism, adults and children are sealed by the Holy Spirit and marked as God’s own.  In the case of infant baptism, the parents, family, and church family vow to bring up the child in the knowledge and fear of the Lord.  

The church is led by elders and deacons, called by God and elected by the congregation to serve for 3-year terms. Twelve church elders –men and women– comprise the Session and, as such, oversee and approve almost all functions of the church. Deacons act in the traditional role, supporting and encouraging the congregation.

First Presbyterian continues the denomination’s foundational belief in Christian education.